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Neptune's recognizes that for various reasons some customers prefer to do their own work. Therefore this Self Help Resource page is being developed. We have added a few tips until the page is fully functional.

General Powerwashing tips:
-> Too much pressure can cause damage to the surface
-> Getting too close to the surface can cause damage
-> Securely close all windows and doors to avoid unwanted wet areas
-> Avoid spraying too close to window and door jams
-> Be aware that loose paint will come off the surface

Wood Restoration tips:
- Do not use a latex based product, they do not withstand the variable northern climate.
- When selecting a seal, select a wood penetrating seal rather than a surface sealant to protect the wood.
- Too much pressure or getting too close may "fur" the wood requiring you to sand for a smooth finish, no matter how careful you are, some sanding may be required
- Do not seal over the top of a worn or peeling product - Strip first!

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