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Power Washers of North America Announces
The Clean Across America campaign.

Alexandria, VA August 17, 2005
We invite the media to share this event with your community and the nation to inspire others to perform similiar projects.

Derek McElroy of Milwaukee Council, Troop 531 helps the PWNA Clean Across America campaign.
Power washing contractors from all over America have been providing power washing services in an effort to give back to their communities. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin the scout office received some restoration compliments of, Neptune's Mobile Pressure Washing Services, LLC. If you have been to the Milwaukee Scout Office recently, you may have noticed the concrete looking cleaner and brighter. Scott McElroy, Owner of Neptune's Mobile Pressure Washing Services, LLC and Star Scout, Derek McElroy of Troop 531 in the Root River District of the Milwaukee Council volunteered to clean the concrete areas at the Milwaukee Scout office as part of a national campaign promoted by the Power Washers of North America (PWNA) organization, Each year, making a difference in our community, members of the PWNA help communities all across our nation by donating power washing services. The goal of the campaign is to clean up any accumulated dirt and grim, mold, and mildew in an effort to contribute to the beautification of the community.

If you know of other local not-for-profit organizations that could benefit from the Clean Across America" program, please encourage them to submit a request to Neptune's Mobile Pressure Washing Services, LLC by calling 414-425-9276.

To see an overview of projects that were performed last year, watch our 2004 video.
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