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Graffiti in any Language is WRONG

The City of Milwaukee, like other cities, take graffiti very seriously! Milwaukee has launched an anti-graffiti program run by the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) with support from the Milwaukee Police department.

If you see graffiti:- In progress call 911 - Already done - call the Graffiti Hotline: 414-286-8715 or Email: graffiti@milwaukee.gov to report
If your property has been vandalized by graffiti:
- Call Neptune's or Click "Request Estimate"
- Prompt removal ensures better removal and decreased
  likelihood of further vandalism or increased crime.
- City Ordinance requires prompt removal, if not removed,
  the City may schedule removal for you and assess the
  cost to your tax bill.
- Businesses may be able to seek partial recovery of the
  cost associated with graffiti removal.

For more on the Anti-Graffiti Program in Milwaukee:

Neptune's responds quickly to the need for graffiti removal. Call immediatly to get on our schedule! 414-425-9276